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Your future pool poncho is waiting for you!

Femme en poncho au bord de la piscine
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It will take us some time to detail all the advantages of the ALL-IN Pool Poncho! If you’ve already tried it, you’ve definitely adopted it. And that’s normal, the ALL-IN poncho has many advantages for the pool and for any water sport for that matter. A practical accessory for swimmers and bathers, we detail below some of its advantages which make it an essential for your nautical activities!

Swimming pool poncho for men: choose ALL-IN!

You practice swimming, water polo, apnea, aquabiking… In short, an aquatic activity in the pool? Are you ready to discover the many advantages of the ALL-IN men’s pool poncho? Here we go!

Fast drying

Made from materials known for their effective absorption, ALL-IN pool ponchos will dry you off very quickly when you leave the pool. This keeps you dry and warm immediately after swimming, when you get out of the water.

Easy to use and easy to put on!

Instead of using your traditional pool towel, we strongly advise you to opt for the ALL-IN pool poncho. Why ? Because it’s easy to use: once you’ve put it on, it won’t budge, unlike a bath towel that never stays put. No makeshift fasteners, no buttons and not even velcro: our men’s swimming pool poncho is truly practical.

A comfortable accessory

We pay great attention to the materials selected for our pool ponchos. The terry cloth of our ponchos has been chosen for its quality but also for its softness. This is why ALL-IN ponchos are always soft and comfortable to wear. They are designed to be loose fitting and not restrict your movement, making them ideal for changing and relaxing after a swim in the pool or even on the beach.

Easy and convenient to transport

If you regularly go to the pool, you will need a men’s pool poncho that is easy to carry. To please you, we know that the pool poncho must be easy to slip into your bag instead of a towel. For this reason, the shape and volume of ALL-IN ponchos are always designed to be absolutely optimal and remain effective without taking up too much space. For the more demanding among you, we have even created “light” pool ponchos in honeycomb fabric or microfibre pool ponchos to further optimise their lightness and transport.

Looking for a women’s pool poncho?

Just like what men look for in a swimming pool poncho, women above all need a product that is effective, practical and comfortable, of course. On these points, therefore, their desires in terms of pool ponchos do not differ from those of men. Whether male or female, swimmers and other pool poncho users love :

  • Enjoy the greatest comfort when leaving the pool
  • Get dry quickly
  • Choose a pool poncho that is simple and practical to carry

Whether they are intended for men, women or both, ALL-IN ponchos always have the same basic qualities: they are designed for your comfort thanks to their softness, for optimised drying thanks to their absorbent terrycloth material, and for their practicality when slipped into a bag. The Must to take to the pool with you!

For the ladies: some extra qualities

As everyone knows, women’s morphology differs from that of men. Men and women therefore have different needs when it comes to using them in the pool. At ALL-IN, we know this and we have taken care to develop different shapes of pool ponchos for women than for men.

If you choose a women’s swimming pool poncho with a “T” shape, you will benefit from a poncho model specifically designed for the female morphology. Indeed, thanks to its small fitted sleeves, the “T” poncho guarantees women more privacy and no view of what is going on inside the poncho. We love it!

The designs of the collection

On the other hand, in terms of aesthetics, their desires are sometimes different. Floral patterns, pastel colours or girly prints: here are a few examples of the pool ponchos preferred by women. At ALL-IN, if most of our ponchos are mixed, we also have the pleasure to create for each season ponchos with more specific prints for women. Sensitive to the trends and desires of our community, our teams know how to find each year new ideas for women’s swimming pool ponchos that you always like. So thank you for your confidence!

Ponchos also for children (even babies)

We also come to the aid of parents by offering models in our range of bathing ponchos that are specifically adapted to children. Whatever the age of your toddlers, from babies to teenagers, discover the advantages of ALL-IN bath ponchos!

Our mission: to keep your child dry

If you are looking for a children’s swimming pool poncho, we know that your primary objective will be to keep your child dry. It’s like it’s all done with ALL-IN ponchos! Our children’s pool ponchos are made of 100% certified cotton and 380g/m² Velvet Terrycloth: a comfortable, warm and ultra-absorbent material, which will provide maximum comfort for your child without unpleasant humidity.

No need for parents to put it on!

Your child is still small but wants to be on his own? This is possible with our pool ponchos. The shape is designed to give your children freedom of movement, both when wearing the poncho and especially when putting it on and taking it off. Because they don’t want to feel trapped in a poncho, and you want them to be able to change on their own when you are busy or not around. A real advantage for a children’s pool poncho!

The pool poncho that your children will never leave

You may be surprised to find that your children will develop a real passion for their swimming pool poncho… And this is thanks to the great look of our kids’ collection. We have developed a range of children’s pool ponchos that are useful, original, durable and fun, but above all, that children love. The little ones love the teddy bear ears on the hoods of the pool ponchos and the colourful prints, while the older ones are fans of the pockets and the cool looks that ALL-IN offers. The ALL-IN children’s pool poncho appeals to both parents and children!

Whether you are looking for a men’s, women’s or children’s pool poncho, the ALL-IN collection will meet your needs. Since 2012, the brand based on the Landes coast has been offering a wide range of fun and colourful pool ponchos that are of course very comfortable and durable. Make your choice on our e-shop and enjoy the ALL-IN comfort!

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