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Which surf poncho to choose for the summer?

Two young surfers in ponchos on the beach
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Winter or summer, you need your surf poncho always with you in your board sports sessions. But if you use your poncho for surfing in the summer and for water sports in the hot season, your selection criteria will be slightly different. Want to know more and read our tips? Follow the ALL-IN guide!

Choose the cut of the surf poncho

If you’re choosing a surf poncho for the summer, chances are you’re going for shapes that are a bit different than the surf ponchos for the winter. Indeed, depending on the cut of your poncho, the sensations will not be the same. In addition, you are certainly not looking for the same characteristics for the summer as for the winter.

What do surfers want when it’s sunny? Wide cuts, sleeveless or with short sleeves, but always with a hood to dry your hair or cut yourself off from the wind, even in the hot season it will be useful! In this case, you will find plenty of models corresponding to these criteria on our e-shop.

Our secret asset for poncho lovers: the 2-in-1 poncho towel + poncho. Spread it on the beach, it will make a perfect bath towel. Slip it around your neck thanks to the opening provided and it immediately becomes a perfect poncho for the summer season! Not bad isn’t the dual use, for long days at the beach and surfing?

Choosing your poncho for summer surfing: the materials

Woman and child in all-in surf poncho

You were waiting for us to talk about it and of course it is a crucial point for your surf poncho for the summer: the material. In the summer it is hot. This is why you will need a lighter, thinner model that is less warm than terry cloth surf ponchos. Another important point: in the summer, we travel, we move around, we go on vacation… We have plenty of things to take in our suitcase so we will need the most compact equipment possible.

To meet these requirements, there is only one solution: choose a thin and light material while remaining soft and absorbent. Welcome microfiber! Our microfiber surf ponchos are 100% recycled, take up no room in your suitcase and are ultra-efficient. So, are you convinced?

Choosing your surf poncho for the summer: the colors

Woman and girl in surf poncho

When the sunny days are there, we want to get out of the grayness and highlight sunny colors and prints! This is possible with the ALL-IN collection, with looks particularly suited to the summer season. In reality, there is something for everyone and it’s up to you to choose according to your desires: from the most sober to the most extravagant, passing through products for the summer, two-tone or printed, you will undoubtedly find it difficult to choose yours!

The summer period is a moment that we love at ALL-IN, there are a multitude of beautiful ponchos for the summer full of the beaches and we love your looks! So you too choose according to the color, shape and material that you like to spend a stylish holiday in a surf poncho.

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