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Which poncho to choose for diving?

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Are you a scuba diver or snorkeler who needs a diving poncho? In fact, it’s the ideal accessory for feeling perfectly at ease before and after your session! At ALL-IN, we design innovative and fun products for all watermen. Water sports fans, we help you choose your ideal diving poncho for even greater comfort.

Need a waterproof diving poncho? Choose the Storm

We’d like to introduce you to our Storm range: an ALL-IN exclusive with all the features you need in a top poncho.

Extreme protection with your Storm poncho

We’ve designed the Storm waterproof poncho to keep you dry and warm during your diving sessions. Whatever the conditions, our Storm poncho has got you covered! How? Firstly, thanks to its ripstop nylon exterior, which makes it a perfectly waterproof and windproof diving poncho. Then there’s the soft, warm sherpa-lined interior. It will keep you warm after your diving session, whether you’re on land or on a boat, and even with a wet wetsuit underneath! And last but not least, our Storm poncho is eco-responsible: it’s 100% recycled.

Poncho or Storm jacket for your diving outings?

Now that you’ve got to know our Storm poncho, it’s time to announce that it’s also available in a jacket version! For those who prefer the choice of opening or closing their protection, the Storm poncho is also available as a Storm Vest. Still as effective against the elements, still as comfortable thanks to its fleece lining, but with an extra large waterproof zip on the front of your jacket to alternate between open and closed positions. A versatile choice that will come in very handy in your practice!

Details that make all the difference

Why are our Storm garments really the best choice for your aquatic outings? Because in addition to being warm and waterproof, our diving ponchos have a number of details that really aren’t details at all! Extremely useful features, especially for your diving outings.

Let’s start with the hood, essential after an underwater session, when you come out with wet hair… The Storm hood is fully lined to absorb water and keep you warm! What’s more, the snaps and muffler keep you dry and protected from the sometimes intrusive wind on a boat or on shore. Of course, the hood can be tightened to suit your needs.

Another cool feature of the Storm diving poncho is its large, waterproof kangaroo pocket! With its waterproof zip, you can store anything that shouldn’t go near water, and the contents will be safe. That won’t stop your hands from staying warm in the 2 side pockets, entirely covered in soft, warm sherpa! Last but not least: our swim ponchos and waterproof jackets come in 2 sizes, adults and children (for kids from 1.20 to 1.55 m).

The classic absorbent terry diving poncho

For softer diving sessions, where a waterproof suit is not necessary, we also have a range of ponchos perfect for accompanying you in your practice!

Available materials

100% cotton terry for softness, microfiber for lightness, bamboo for natural absorption, or thick, resistant jacquard fabric, our ponchos come in a range of materials. It’s up to you to decide which one is right for you! If you can’t decide, all our ponchos offer high absorption performance to keep you dry, and of course unrivalled softness. To choose, take a tour of our site and discover our exclusive designs, full of fun and color to brighten up your diving outings.

Choose the cut of your poncho

Depending on your morphology, usage and habits, we’ve developed several different shapes of diving ponchos. The classic form is a standard bathing poncho, practical for changing after a session. Check out the V-shape if you’d like more room to change inside the poncho: its wider cut means greater comfort. And if you want privacy when you use your diving poncho, the T-cut is for you! Fitted sleeves for better body concealment. But that’s not all: surf our site to discover our special “Big Foot” for divers over 1m80, our children’s ponchos (0 to 18 years) and our many and frequent new products!

If you’re looking for a diving poncho, you’ll find what you’re looking for at ALL-IN! Our ponchos come in several ranges, perfectly adapted to the needs of divers and watermen in general. Their long service life and ease of maintenance make them the perfect accessories to give or to treat yourself to for all scuba diving sessions, indoors or outdoors, on shore or on a boat! Visit our site to find yours.

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