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Valentine’s Day 2024: Gift ideas for women

Idées de cadeaux pour femme. Ici une femme est dans le canapé avec des produits de la marque ALL-IN
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A gift that’s sure to be a hit with your wife this year! Below you’ll find our list of gifts that are sure to make your forthcoming 14 February a success. And for the occasion, we’re running a special operation with a free plaid chapka (€49.95 – €0) with the purchase of any of the products listed in the image below.

Discover our special Valentine’s Day 2024 offer

Exceptionally, until 14 February, we’re giving away a plaid chapka with every purchase of one of our cocooning products over €60.

Op Saint Valentin ALL-IN 2024

The timeless plaid poncho

If there’s one gift that gets 100% satisfaction, it’s the plaid poncho! It slips on in 2 seconds and keeps you warm all day long. Its advantage over a jumper or pijama is that it’s padded and has an oversized (plunging) cut that makes you feel like you’re wearing a soft blanket.

Couple in plaid ponchos

3 reasons why she’ll love her plaid poncho :

  • She’ll never be cold at home again, thanks to the thick, soft fabric we use.
  • She’ll have the best naps with it, whether on the sofa or in bed 🛌
  • She’ll be able to keep it to carry out her activities at home without being encumbered.

The plaid blanket, the same material but a new product

A plaid poncho is a plaid worn over the shoulders, which has its own set of advantages. The plaid blanket, well it’s just a plaid… with an incredible feature: it turns into a little sleeping bag! And yes, the discreet press studs give it a new look once they’re closed.

Couple on the sofa under the blanket

3 reasons why she’ll love her plaid blanket :

  • She can choose between the sherpa side and the velvet side depending on her mood 🐑
  • She can put her feet in it when he’s in sleeping bag mode to keep them warm.
  • She’ll have a plaid with a quirky design!

A real picnic mat, waterproof on one side

What could be more romantic than a picnic in the sunshine? It’s not easy to get organised. But what really helps is having a real picnic mat specially designed for it! And yes, our picnic mats have a waterproof nylon side so you can put it down wherever you like, no matter if the surface is still full of dew or wet sand.

picnic mats in the forest

3 reasons why she’ll love her picnic mat :

  • She’ll be able to enjoy her picnic without getting her bottom wet.
  • She’ll love the practicality of the built-in elastic.
  • No need to put your sheet in the washing machine after a picnic!

A women’s bathing poncho

If you’re at all familiar with our brand, you’ll know that terrycloth ponchos for bathing and water activities are where it all started! Now, for the lady in your life, we’re delighted to tell you that there are dozens of models waiting for you in our shop, so you can be sure of a great Valentine’s Day gift to accompany your everyday life.

Women's swim poncho

3 reasons why she’ll love her swim/surf poncho :

  • She’ll be able to bundle up after getting out of the water without getting cold.
  • She can even chill in it for an hour before getting dressed.
  • She’ll be able to take it to the beach or anywhere she needs to change out of sight.

A fleece poncho, for when it’s cold but not too cold

I was just telling you about plaid ponchos. We now offer a lighter version, this time in fleece. Softness and quality materials retained, but with a lighter weight and greater mobility. It’s particularly ideal for the autumn/spring seasons, when a thick plaid poncho isn’t necessarily necessary. It’s also perfect for cool summer mornings.

Woman in fleece poncho and man in plaid poncho

3 reasons why she’ll love her fleece poncho:

  • She’ll have a versatile garment that can be used as pyjamas for sleeping in or tracksuits for fetching bread.
  • She’ll feel like she’s wearing a little fleece blanket over her shoulders without being restricted in her movements.
  • She’ll have a product made from recycled materials, and she’ll be able to convince her friends that ecology can go hand in hand with comfort and quality.

A stainless steel water bottle with integrated straw

There’s nothing better than drinking through a straw, and there’s nothing better for the planet than using a reusable group, preferably made of stainless steel. The advantage of our water bottles is that they are isothermal, so you can keep your drinks cold or hot, depending on what you want to put in them.

Black stainless steel bottle

3 reasons why she’ll love her ALL-IN water bottle:

  • It can keep your drink cold for 24 hours, or hot for 12 hours.
  • It won’t be afraid to drop it, thanks to its sturdy construction.
  • It can be easily cleaned by hand or machine.

Need to see more gift ideas for Valentine’s Day?

We’ve put together a few ideas for you, and hope you find them useful! But don’t hesitate to browse all our categories via the menu, there may be just the nugget you’re looking for for your sweetheart.

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