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Valentine’s Day 2024: Gift ideas for men

Idées de cadeaux pour hommes pour la saint-valentin deux amoureux sur la plage
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If you’re looking for an original gift that will make a real difference to your husband’s everyday life, you’ve come to the right place! For 2024, forget the gadgets that end up in the cupboard 😉

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Op Saint Valentin ALL-IN 2024

Plaid pants: a fun and memorable gift

We all know the classics of Valentine’s Day: flowers, chocolates, a dinner in a beautiful restaurant or even a weekend away. And what if this year you decided to innovate and celebrate your togetherness in a fun way? That’s what we’re offering with our plaid hugs!

all-in boxer shorts

3 reasons why he’ll love his pants :

  • He’ll open it and laugh along with you 🥂
  • He’ll be pleasantly surprised by the product’s softness and comfort.
  • He’ll be able to throw away one of his old, holey shorts thanks to you 😉

Fleece-lined jogging pants

Jogging suits are a wardrobe essential. Whether you’re relaxing at home or out for a Sunday morning stroll, everyone needs a comfortable jogging suit to feel at ease. Following our guiding principle of making comfortable, high-quality clothing and accessories, last year we launched our range of fleece-lined tracksuits! On the programme: our recycled sherpa on the inside (approved for over 4 years by our plaid poncho customers), and bio-sourced cotton on the outside. The result: ultra-comfortable, stylish jogging.

all-in fleece-lined jogging suit

3 reasons why he’ll love jogging:

  • He’ll never be cold again, even in the mountains ⛷️
  • They’ll feel good in it and appreciate the quality of the fabric (organic and recycled).
  • At last, he’ll have a good-looking jogging suit that goes everywhere.

A fleece-lined hoodie

You couldn’t take out a pair of jogging bottoms without the matching jacket! Made from the same materials as our jogging suits – recycled sherpa and organic cotton – our sweatshirt also shares the same characteristics: comfortable and stylish. A YKK zip for a premium feel every time you put them on.

Fleece-lined hooded jacket

3 reasons why he’ll love his hoodie :

  • He can do without his old Christmas jumpers for the festive season 🎆
  • He’ll be able to go to work in his tracksuits without anyone thinking he’s in a cosy cocoon.
  • He’ll have a unique garment from a French brand.

A cotton terry bath poncho

We’re continuing our list of original gifts with our legendary bath poncho! This is the product that launched our brand in 2012. After 10 years of evolution, we’ve come up with a unique product: thick terry cotton ponchos that are as effective as they are comfortable.

man in a bathing poncho in Hossegor

3 reasons why he’ll love his swim poncho :

  • No more rubbing and damaging his skin with a towel, he can put on his poncho and let himself be wrapped up.
  • He’ll be able to take it with him wherever he goes: swimming pool, beach, sports etc!
  • He can use our sewn-in pockets to carry his phone and small items.

Charentaises Made In France

We all need charentaises in our lives, but we don’t usually realise it until we’ve tried them on. A charentaise is the symbol of the tranquil, comfortable French lifestyle. Made with a soft, wool interior and a felt outsole. They are appreciated for their simplicity and their ability to keep feet warm during the cold months ❄️

charentaises on the table

3 reasons why he’ll love his charentaises :

  • He won’t have to put his cold feet on you in bed (well, that’s a good thing for you).
  • Finally, he’ll have dedicated inner booties so he won’t get the floor dirty.
  • He’ll think of you every time he’s at home with his feet nice and warm.

The sponge bob, fun and unique

Does your good friend loves a hat? So why not give her a one-of-a-kind bobsleigh, all covered in cotton! An original product, ideal for summer if you’re planning to enjoy the sun.

3 reasons why he’ll love his terry bob:

  • It’ll look great in the pool or on the beach.
  • A unique piece if he’s collecting caps and bobs.
  • He can save his Cochonou bob for special occasions.

A Storm poncho for extreme conditions addicts

Is your husband a fan of extreme sports? We stock an ultra-warm, hard-wearing poncho for outings in stormy or extremely cold conditions. Adopted by surf coaches and watermen in wind sports such as windsurfing, our Storm range can be used for a wide range of purposes as long as the rain and wind are there!

Use of the storm poncho during filming in Galicia.

3 reasons why he’ll love his Storm product :

  • He can embrace his “extreme” side by wearing an ultra-technical jacket.
  • It will have pockets everywhere you need to carry your things.
  • He’ll be able to stay warm whatever his next extreme destination.

So, have you found what you’re looking for?

The ALL-IN boutique has dozens of products to choose from, so don’t hesitate to browse our menu to discover your next favourite!

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