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Top 10 surfing gift ideas for 2023

Idées de cadeaux pour surfeur
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Looking for a gift for a surfer? Check out our top 10 to help you find something to give, whether it’s for Christmas or a birthday. We’re not sorting by price, but we’ve put together a selection to suit all budgets! A surfer’s equipment is no longer limited to a wetsuit and a board. Now there are a whole range of accessories to enhance the everyday life of surfing enthusiasts. Shall we look at it together? 🏄‍♂️

1. The timeless surf poncho

What’s a surfer without his poncho? No more worries about the towel around your waist that falls off every other time you put on or take off your wetsuit. With a poncho, everything’s easier: you slip it on in two seconds and you’re protected from prying eyes. As well as being practical, the surf poncho is also very comfortable to wear and provides real comfort after the session. A place to chill out and watch the waves before heading home.

Two young people in surf ponchos

Price: from €54.95 for an adult poncho and €44.95 for children’s ponchos

2. The latest thing: plaid boxer shorts

Well, that’s where we got our knickers in a bit… The plaid boxer shorts have been specially designed to be a sensational and fun gift. It uses our recycled velvet material, which makes it super comfortable. For the design, choose between a solid colour or a colourful design. I gave one to a friend a few weeks ago and the reaction of the guests was incredible: they had a good laugh, and everyone wanted to touch it – 100% approval.

Price: €34.95

3. Another fun accessory: the sponge bob

Our terrycloth hats are another fun and practical accessory! They bring a unique style to the wearer, and stand out from anything else on the market.

Gift idea: black terry cloth bobble

Price: €49.95

4. Go for practicality with a surfboard cover

Don’t miss out with a surfboard cover/sock. When you say surfer, you say surfboard. When you say surfboard, you say surfboard cover! Well, I admit it’s not always the case, but there are a lot of advantages: fewer bruises on the board, less sand in the car, no wax on the seats, and so on. ALL-IN has a very wide range of board socks.

Zoomed surf sock

Price: from €44.95

5. Or a seat cover!

Here too, the list of reasons for protecting a seat is fairly long. This accessory is useful whether you’re a surfer or not. A seat cover can make all the difference, even on a beach day or after a walk with your dog. We offer sponge or neoprene models to suit all tastes.

Price: from €44.95

6. A Made In France made-to-measure suit

Every surfer’s holy grail: having a wetsuit that fits perfectly. It’s so complicated to find a combination that suits your arms, stomach, legs and waist… Our made-to-measure suits are designed in France by our two seamstresses in Seignosse. The idea is to give your menstrual period, work out your tastes (colours, logo etc) and choose the type of zip you want. This is a unique service in France.

Price: from €499.95

7. Sand brush: inexpensive and practical

In contrast to the suit, this is our least expensive product in the shop. The anti-sand brush is a gadget that comes in very handy every day. If, for example, you want to keep your towel spotlessly clean, then the anti-sand brush will make the sand disappear without any collateral damage. It works for feet, surfboards, cars, etc.

Hanging sand brush

Price: €12.95

8. Salty Belt: waterproof sports belt for your car keys

Here’s an ideal gift idea for sports enthusiasts. The Salty Belt is a very comfortable Yulex belt that contains an airtight plastic box for your car keys or smartphone. It adapts perfectly to the size of the person thanks to its elasticity. Handy when you’re going in the water and don’t want to worry about your keys being stolen on the beach. There are also cases where parents give this to their children so that they can call if anything goes wrong.

Price: €49.95

9. A fleece-lined tracksuit

Well, here the product is less surf-oriented than the other ideas. Released in 2023, our fleece-lined tracksuits are designed for anyone who wants to stay warm in winter. Perfect for after surfing, for example, to warm up quickly.

Price: from €89.95

10. Reinforced ristop changing mat

Bitumen is often a surfer’s enemy when changing: it damages wetsuits by tearing or puncturing them. It’s not easy to keep your balance when putting on or taking off your wetsuit. Unfortunately, this is when 80% of wetsuit tears occur. We’re in a good position to tell you, with our wetsuit repair workshop. That’s why we’ve developed a small, dedicated product to meet this need.

Price: €29.95

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