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The waterproof car key pouch for surfing and swimming by ALL-IN

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Long live progress! Today, car keys are no longer just keys. They have become electronic and sophisticated. It’s true that it’s often very useful and you quickly get a taste for it. But for those of you who enjoy water sports, swimming, the pool or the beach, it’s a little uncomfortable if they get dipped in the water. It’s now impossible to carry your car keys in the water around your neck or hidden in your wetsuit, as we all used to do. Electronic keys must of course be kept away from water and damp. So how do you keep them safe when you’re in or near water? ALL-IN has the solution!

The Salty Belt: a waterproof pouch for car keys

Our solution for keeping your electronic keys dry when you’re in the water? The Salty Belt waterproof pouch from ALL-IN! It was after months of development and testing that Jean-Baptiste Caste, founder of the ALL-IN brand, came up with this unique and revolutionary belt. We reveal the story behind this exclusive product.

Where do I put my car keys when I go surfing?

When the Salty Belt was created, many surfers and swimmers were faced with the same problem: what to do with my car keys when I go in the water or ocean? A few years ago, this question didn’t arise. Bathers, swimmers, cyclists, surfers, long-distance swimmers, we all did things the same way. All you had to do was thread the traditional key onto a piece of string and tie it around your neck. We looked a bit like Tarzan or Rahan, but with a key instead of a tiger’s tooth… Except that those days are over now that electronic keys are available! It’s now impossible to take them into the water with us. So alternative solutions are being developed: hiding your keys on your wheel and then taking to the water: not so good for security, and theft is not uncommon. Or use a padlock to store your keys (handy, but salt and corrosion make them obsolete very quickly). In the event of a problem, if you have opted for one of these 2 solutions, your insurance will not cover the possible theft of your car… So we suggest a third, much more effective solution.

Waterproof surf bag

The waterproof pouch that lets you surf with car keys

The most effective solution for keeping your keys dry when you’re in the water is the Salty Belt. This Made in France belt is made up of 2 elements for a totally waterproof result! Firstly, there’s a waterproof pocket into which you can slip your mobile phone, keys and even your identity papers and change if you wish. In short, everything you want to keep dry! Thanks to the secure closure, everything inside will be perfectly dry. Then insert the pouch into the adjustable neoprene belt, which you can slip around your waist. Wide but flexible, it adapts to your body shape like a second skin, allowing you to keep your freedom of movement without any discomfort during your physical activity in the water.

Our watertight pocket for car keys is full of other surprises!

We haven’t told you everything you need to know about our Salty Belt waterproof pouch, so look out for more news and surprises in the next few paragraphs!

Sports that have adopted the Salty Belt waterproof pouch

It’s true, the Salty Belt was originally a waterproof pouch for car keys designed directly for surfers. But we soon realised that many sports also needed a waterproof pocket for car keys and other personal items. Unsurprisingly, there are water sports: swimming in the pool, swimming in the sea, wake-boarding, windsurfing, water-skiing, kayaking, paddling, etc. But outdoor sports are not to be outdone! And yes, when we exercise outdoors, rain or sweat can seep in and compromise our personal belongings. That’s why mountain bikers, road cyclists, hikers and other sports enthusiasts are also big fans of our waterproof belt, whether for their car keys or for other things. Our customers’ opinions speak for themselves:

“I use the Salty Belt when I’m doing a long distance run. It’s very practical for keeping my car keys perfectly dry”.


“Perfect for water sports and river fishing”.


“Just perfect, used for bodyboarding and running. No hesitation at all, plus it’s made by a French company”.


A product made from natural materials, patented and handmade in France

And as Thibault just said, our little French company is quite proud of this waterproof belt. Here are 4 more unique benefits:

  • The Salty Belt is made from Yulex, an alternative to synthetic neoprene that is more environmentally friendly and made from natural rubber.
  • The belt is a patented product in France and will be registered worldwide in 2019 with the INPI.
  • Made in France, in our workshop in Seignosse, in the Landes region of France.
  • Hand-made by our 2 expert seamstresses with over 30 years’ experience in neoprene.

If at this stage you’re still wondering how to keep your car keys dry during your aquatic activity, there’s a problem! Because we’ve told you all about the ALL-IN waterproof belt for car keys… A revolutionary and affordable product, which you can find on our website. Click here to see a video presentation of the product and get your hands on it as soon as possible!

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