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The bath poncho, like a towel but better?

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What if you made the drying process (an essential part of the shower or bath, remember 🤭 ) much more pleasant? We all know the traditional towel to dry off after getting out of the water, but not many people use a bathing poncho! Ponchos are characterised by their hoods and their distinctive funnel shape. They are now available in all sorts of materials: soft fleece for chilling out at home, waterproof fabric to cut off water from the rain, or sponge to dry off when you get out of the water.

ALL-IN offers each of these products, but let’s take a look at the terrycloth ponchos!

The advantages of the bathing poncho

Let yourself dry out quietly

There is no longer any need to vigorously rub yourself with a towel in the hope of being able to quickly put on something warmer! With a bathing poncho, you can dry yourself without pressure while staying warm and snuggled up in its terry cloth surface. In winter, putting on the hood will keep your head warm to stay comfortable even in a room at 19° or less.

Better water absorption

Our 380g/m² terrycloth ponchos offer exceptional absorbency so you won’t stay wet for long. More optimal drying than with a towel, which is generally less absorbent and smaller.

The fashion at home

Choose your favourite among our designs to enjoy wearing your poncho in all circumstances, whether it is for the house, the pool or even the beach.

Much more original than a towel, the bath poncho is a casual style accessory that will have people talking.

Its few inconveniences

Longer drying time

Drying your poncho will take a little longer than drying your towel. This should not be a problem if you use a heater in your bathroom though.

Watch out for your publisher

If you stay in your poncho, you will forget that it is wet. So beware of unintentionally wetting the sofa when you throw yourself on it just after the shower!

Making your own bathing poncho

There are a few ways to turn old towels into a poncho. An ecological initiative that we welcome! Ideal for the more manual-minded who are not afraid to sacrifice a few towels to try their hand.

Our selection of women’s swim ponchos

Our selection of women’s ponchos is certainly one of the largest in Europe. And yes, with more than 10 years of existence, ALL-IN has seen many ponchos. Here is a small selection:

Our selection of bathing ponchos for men

These gentlemen also have the right to enjoy themselves! Discover our designs ranging from sober to very colourful. Use your poncho when getting out of the bath, but also on your expeditions to the beach or the pool.

Bathing ponchos for children

Children grow up fast! Any good parent will tell you this. To best meet our customers’ demands, we have developed a children’s range in three different age ranges.

  • From 0 to 2 years with our baby bath ponchos
  • From 3 to 6 years
  • From 6 to 9 years
  • From 9 to 15 years

Feel free to look at the details of each item to see the exact dimensions!

Baby bathing ponchos

Discover our selection of baby bath ponchos

You now have all the key information you need to choose your bathroom linen for yourself or your family!

All products shown here are in stock. Feel free to click on the categories to see all the colours available (green, red, black, pink etc).

Don’t forget the free delivery from 100€ of basket (no matter where you order from).

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