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Swimming pool poncho: buying guide

Jeunes en ponchos de piscine
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The swimming pool, the beach, surfing… These water activities are all about fun, relaxation and enjoyment. Whether you’re taking swimming lessons at a club or enjoying the family pool, a poncho is always useful. And yes, after swimming, diving and pirouetting, it’s high time to warm up and dry off. And what better way to do this than with a poncho? This simple, practical garment has many advantages. Here’s a buying guide to help you choose the best pool poncho for your needs and budget.

Why use a poncho for the pool?

After a good swimming session, it’s important to dry off quickly to avoid the cold and chills. That’s where the poncho comes in. Halfway between a towel and a bathrobe, this garment is ideal for drying off quickly while staying warm. It won’t be much bigger than a towel, but you’ll be much more comfortable changing. There’s no need to struggle to get a towel round your waist and feel cold on the uncovered part of your body!

Which poncho to choose?

Whatever brand you choose, you’re going to have to choose between several materials, several sizes and other parameters, which we’ll explain below.

Sizing guide

ALL-IN is the brand with the most variations to suit every need. We have a total of 7 sizes available!

  • Ponchos “Big Foot” : For the +1m90
  • Men’s ponchos: for a height between 1m63 and 1m90
  • Women’s ponchos: for a height between 1m50 and 1m63
  • Junior” ponchos: for a height between 1m25 and 1m60
  • Kid” ponchos: for a height of between 1m and 1m40
  • Children’s ponchos: 3-6 years (ideally between 60cm and 1m)
  • Baby bath cape: 0-2 years

Women’s swimming pool ponchos

Our ‘women’s’ models are designed to offer enough comfort for changing, while maintaining your privacy. All that’s left is to snap up the design of your choice!

Men’s pool ponchos

The ‘men’s’ models are slightly larger than the ‘women’s’ models (10cm longer and wider). So it can also be considered for women!

We’ve got a choice of plain or flashy designs to suit all tastes!

Children’s pool ponchos

Honestly, if you give one to your child, they’ll be more than delighted and won’t want to leave it! This accessory will be as useful as it is comfortable for him. We have a range of sizes for your little protege. A word of advice: it’s better to go up a size if your child is on the borderline between two sizes.

For indoor pool training (or not)

If you’re indoors, the facilities should normally be heated to around 20 degrees, so avoid taking ponchos that are too warm, such as our Jacquard ponchos or our long-sleeved ponchos. A Beach Crew poncho, our most classic size, is ideal! This poncho is made from terry cotton and can be used in most conditions.

For cool training

Do you like a cool swim? There’s nothing like a good, warm poncho to get you out of the water. For this, I recommend long-sleeved ponchos or thick ponchos in Jaquard. There are also fleece ponchos, like our storm range.

For frequent travel

Whether you’re competing or travelling, a good lightweight poncho is the ideal companion. That’s why we’ve developed a microfibre range.

What price for what poncho?

There’s something for everyone. They generally vary according to the quality of the textile. At ALL-IN, you can be sure of getting a quality poncho.

  • Recycled microfibre ponchos
  • All our ponchos are certified OEKO-TEX® (no chemical elements harmful to the skin and the individual) and AZO free (dyeing without heavy metals).
PonchoBig FootPoncho with designPlain-coloured poncho Short-sleeved ponchoJunior PonchoKid PonchoChildren’s Poncho

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