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How do you keep your keys safe when swimming?

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Every summer, beaches and swimming pools are invaded by large numbers of water sports enthusiasts. Bathing is synonymous with relaxation and pleasure, but you also need to think about the safety of your personal belongings while you enjoy the benefits of swimming. One of the most important things to protect are your keys: whether they’re to your house, your car, or even your locker if you’re in an institution that has them. So where do you put your keys when you’re swimming?

Keep your keys on you with the right accessories

One of the most practical ways of avoiding losing your keys while swimming is to carry them with you. There are a number of accessories to keep your keys safe:

  • Keyring wristbands: available in a range of sizes, colours and materials, this type of wristband has a waterproof pocket and a sturdy snap hook for hanging your keys. Wear it around your wrist to keep your keys close to hand at all times.

Advantage: price.
Disadvantage: only works for small keys. Not waterproof.

  • The waterproof pouch: this option also works well for carrying your smartphone or battery-powered keys. The waterproof pouch usually comes with a wrist strap to attach it to your wrist or around your neck.

Advantages: price, watertightness.
Disadvantage: little freedom of movement, beware of cheap models.

  • The Salty Belt: this is our yulex belt with a high-performance waterproof pouch.

Benefits: waterproofing, freedom of movement, safety, Made In France
Disadvantage: price (€49.95)

  • The floating key ring: this accessory is ideal if your keys accidentally fall into the water. The floating key ring attaches easily to your keys and helps them stay afloat thanks to its foam composition, so they don’t get lost for good.

Leave your keys safely on the bank

If you prefer not to keep your keys with you while swimming, there are a few tricks you can use to store them safely nearby:

  • Use a key box: if you have access to a fixed point, such as an enclosing wall or a rigid structural element like the rungs of a staircase, a secure key box with an access code can be an excellent solution for storing your keys when you’re swimming. This is the preferred option for surfers.
  • Go for camouflage: hiding your keys in something that looks nothing like secure storage can be an interesting option. For example, use a fake hollow rock to slide into a vegetable bed or place your set of keys in a waterproof bag that you hide in your cooler.
  • Ask someone you trust: finally, the simplest solution is always to ask a friend or family member who has stayed behind to keep an eye on your keys while you enjoy the waves or the pool .

In summary, swimming without worrying about your keys is essential to fully enjoy aquatic pleasures. Several tips and accessories are available to address this problem, all you have to do is find the one that best suits your needs and preferences in order to relax as much as possible during your aquatic escapades.

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