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How does it work?

What is the price of a custom poncho?

If you don’t know our brand ALL-IN, let me introduce it to you! For over 10 years, we have been offering our clients high-quality terry cloth ponchos for their nautical activities such as surfing, sailing, diving, or for home use as a bath poncho.

🧵 The recent acquisition of an embroidery machine (automatic embroiderer) allows us to customize our bath ponchos with a logo or design provided by our clients.

Our borders are made in France within our sewing workshop in Seignosse.

Everything is simple:

  • You send us a quote request with the logo/design/text to be embroidered.
  • We send you a quote.
  • If the quote is validated, we convert your design so that it is compatible with our embroiderer.
  • Mathias, our embroidery expert, is in charge of producing all the borders.

The cost of the quote depends on the number of stitches to be embroidered. For complex logos, it is sometimes possible to simplify them to avoid high costs.

Examples of quotes:

12€/poncho for a front logo at the right chest level

35€/poncho for a back logo

Rate per 1000 stitches: 1€

It all depends on the number of stitches in your logo. We can offer to simplify the logo if necessary. The more personalized ponchos you order, the lower the price.

For single-piece customizations: your simple logo or text embroidered on one of our ponchos

Honestly, if you want to give a unique and guaranteed-to-please gift, you are in the right place. Nothing like a personalized and top-quality gift to please. Does your husband love diving? Why not give him a poncho with his nickname and a little fish? Does your wife love wearing a poncho after a bath? Why not give him a personalized model with an emblem that suits him.

Note, for these small borders, the logo or embroidered design must be simple so that the preparation time is short and efficient.

For customizations of at least 10 pieces: your logo and/or text embroidered on our ponchos

Here, we address all clubs and other associations that want to change with common ponchos. Your team’s unity also comes into play after the shower! We have already supported dozens of surf clubs, sea rescue teams, rugby and football teams for their poncho customization.

Customization of more than 100 pieces: your poncho 100% personalized

A project for personalized bath ponchos for your works council, for an event, or for your members? Trust a brand specialized in the production and customization of ponchos for years! For such quantities, we place an order directly through our partner factory. Before that, together, we develop a design that you like and validate the project with samples. You have a privileged contact by email and phone with one of our sales representatives.

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