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Choosing the size of your surf sock

Housse de surf dans la forêt
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When you own a surfboard, it is essential to protect it as well as possible to transport it and even to store it. At ALL-IN, we understand that your surfboard is a bit like your baby: it will be pampered, admired and protected like the apple of your eye. It is for this reason that we offer you rather original surfboard covers designed for optimal protection. In the lines below, we will tell you about their characteristics (which make our covers the board protections you have been dreaming of) and we will also help you choose the right size according to your board and your needs.

The surf sock: a very good choice!

Are you hesitating between a classic cover or a surf sock to protect your equipment? Stop asking yourself questions right away, the sock has many advantages, we tell you everything here!

What she has more than the others

  • Lightness ! Only made of fabric, the weight of the surf sock is minimal compared to classic covers that are often heavy and bulky. Travel light 😉
  • Great ease of use: its flexible material allows it to slide easily on the board, which makes it quick and easy to set up. Putting the sock on and taking it off effortlessly is a plus, especially in the sun on the beach after your session.
  • The best in terms of ventilation: the breathable and absorbent fabric of the sock is practical for drying or wicking away moisture after using your board.
  • It is space-saving: making it the most compact and easy-to-store option.
  • It saves you money! Surf socks are often cheaper than classic covers, so why deprive yourself?

Protecting your board

Obviously, this is an advantage that we do not forget: your sock cover will be very useful to protect your board. Its 380g/m² 100% cotton velor toweling is a thick and ultra-absorbent material, perfect for ensuring its barrier function all around your board. In addition, the upper end of the cover has been reinforced with perfectly resistant Ripstop Nylon. It protects the nose of your board in a reinforced way. So, with this protection, you are safe from scuffs and scratches. Also, you protect your surfboard from the sun and the harmful effects of UV rays on the resin, if you tend to leave it outside (beach, garden, bike, etc.).

Protecting your car

Another significant advantage of the sock cover is that it will protect the vehicle intended to transport your surfboard… Have you ever left a huge trace of sticky wax on your car seats? Or a ton of sand that fell off your board between the seats? Even better: a large halo of salt water on the interior fabrics of the car… In short, with your sock cover, you can forget these bad memories. This terry cloth cover will allow you to fit your board in any vehicle, damage-free and stress-free. It retains the sand, absorbs humidity and insulates the wax. So here we go, now that you’re convinced, we’ll explain how to choose the size of your surf sock, depending on your board.

ALL-IN Surf Sock Sizes

Whatever treasures lie in your quiver, ALL-IN has the right sock cover to protect your beloved boards. Browse the information below, find the size of your board and shop directly for the sock you need!

Namely: the sizes of the surfboards are expressed in Anglo-Saxon units of measurement, that is to say in feet (feet). A board measuring 1m82 in height will be called a 6’0 board (= 6 feet)

Socks for shortboard, mid length and longboard

If you ride a small fish or shortboard type board, you’ve come to the right place! We offer you surf socks that will perfectly fit boards whose height is between 6 and 7 feet.

No need to get into complicated calculations or measurements, we have done it for you. You just need to know the size of your board, and choose the indicated sock.

  • For a 5 to 5’10 board: we recommend a 6′ cover
  • For a 6′ to 6’5 board: we recommend a 6’6 or 6’8 cover
  • For a 6’6 to 7′ board: we recommend a 7′ or 7’3 cover
  • For a 7’2 to 7’5 board: we recommend a 7’6 cover

In short, you will have understood it, the idea is to take a cover size at least 1 inch larger than your surfboard. This small margin will bring you additional comfort and will in no way interfere with the practicality of the product. Please note that our new collections are now available in the following sizes: 6’0, 6’6, 7’0, 7’6, 9’2.

The good thing about ALL-IN is that the socks are anything but boring! Full of colors, sparkling, original and fun, surf our site to choose the model you like!

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