Surf ponchos for men

In 2012, we created our first surf ponchos, intended for all those who are tired of struggling to change before or after a session in the water. With our innovation, we definitely replace the traditional beach towel, on all the coasts with surf spots.

We then decline our range of sponge ponchos designed, here for men, but also, with cuts adapted to women and to children and babies. The apprentice champions are not left out with the ALL-IN junior panoply!

The surf poncho is a useful and ideal accessory for beach sports. This makes it an ideal gift for your surfing friends.

Whatever your practice, you will be able to choose in our range the model which is appropriate for you: the cuts are declined in version short sleeves or long sleeves, and fabrics are light for a use in summer, and thicker, when you go surfing in full winter.

The men’s surf ponchos are designed for sizes ranging from 1m60 to 1m90, the objective is to adapt to all morphologies. For even more freedom of movement, the “V” models are wider at the top, at shoulder level, and always improve the ease of changing.

You can dry and change discreetly out of sight. Removing your wetsuit while dry and warm will no longer be an option thanks to these well thought-out beach ponchos.

After each session, there’s nothing better than enjoying a beautiful sunset and the ocean as far as the eye can see, curled up in your poncho. This essential accessory to the panoply of all surfers, from the kite to the body, can be used both at the seaside and at the pool after the shower. When you don’t go in the water, it becomes super cocooning to chill at home! For maximum comfort, find all our plaid ponchos on our website.

At All-In, we are committed to the environment. With a zero plastic objective, you will receive your poncho packed in a nice reusable bag.

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Surf poncho for men: guide to choose!

Comment choisir son poncho de surf

Many of you are wondering how to choose your surf poncho for men. And you’re right ! Choosing the right surf poncho is already essential, but in addition there may be particularities to take into account if you are a man. Here are our tips to make your choice without going wrong!

Choose the shape of your surf poncho suitable for men

People who choose a model for men often like to start by choosing its shape. At ALL-IN, we have planned everything so that you have the choice of the shape of your poncho without taking your head: several cuts, several styles, several sizes, several types of sleeves… Enough to give you the choice and please to the greatest number, whatever your morphology. We even invented a Large Size format, the Big Foot, which will suit the heaviest or surfers over 1m90: no more too short surf poncho!

Discover the different cuts on our e-shop: classic cut, V-cut (more room at arm level to change clothes), T-cut (narrower sleeves for more privacy), Boyfriend cut (a hoodie very loose and oversized!), poncho towel without hood… Don’t forget to choose between long or short sleeves!

Choose from our wide selection of colors and patterns

The most stylish among you will prefer to choose the look of their men’s surf poncho first! We understand you: the exclusive, fun and colorful ALL-IN designs can arouse crushes. In our ranges, there is something for everyone: from the most classic to the most flashy, through our star prints and our timeless plain models, they leave you with a wide choice of styles and colors that you will tell us about.

Rather looking for a timeless basic? Turn to the Flash range of surf ponchos for a simple and effective style. On the contrary, do you want a model that is a little out of the ordinary? Come take a look at our always-popular Zebra print. Otherwise, the 90’s poncho will delight those nostalgic for the 90s.

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