The towel poncho stands out for its ability to be used for different situations at the beach. Those who simply like to lounge by the water can take full advantage of its towel form, while swimmers, surfers and other watermen can change into its poncho form, offering appreciable discretion. Who would have imagined that one button could make such a difference to your beach outing? Wear it as a comforting poncho after a dip, or instantly transform it into a vast towel ideal for relaxing under the sun!

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We were inspired by beach lovers, who are often overwhelmed by so many accessories. Our initial collection featured classic ponchos, which are still some of our most popular items. But we wanted to go further: a poncho is personal, whereas a towel is convivial, bringing friends and family together. So the bright idea was born: why not combine the two? Our towel poncho, with its strategically designed buttons, is the perfect answer to this challenge. Sailing between waves and sunny siestas has never been so much fun.

Clearance on our poncho towels

Our poncho towel was one of the models produced until the end of the 2010s. The basic idea was to offer a convertible product that could be used both as a towel and a bath poncho. That said, we quickly realised that our customers were more interested in the simple ‘poncho’ format, without necessarily having the option of turning it into a towel. That’s why we’ve discontinued these products to concentrate on our flagship models. Here you’ll find the remaining new products at low prices, while stocks last.

Suitable for men or women

Whether you’re looking for a poncho towel for men or women, you can opt for our one-size-fits-all models for adults. The cut features drop sleeves that protect you from prying eyes, ideal for changing after swimming or surfing. The product has been designed with a ‘boat’ neck so that it can be laid flat on the floor.

Looking for a poncho towel for baby?

For a small baby, we recommend a bath cape or bath poncho. The concept is similar, but the bath cape provides optimum comfort for the baby. It will also benefit from being bundled up.

The poncho towel has a special cut that makes it easy to use as a towel. The traditional poncho has a smaller footprint.
For surfing or other board sports, the poncho is ideal for its comfort. If you want to go to the beach with it, then the poncho towel is just the thing.
At ALL-IN, we don’t run any promotions during the year, because our prices are designed to be fair for our customers and to support the development of our brand. Given that the poncho towel is an old product that is no longer distributed by our retailers, we’re taking the liberty of slashing the price on these products to make room in our stocks.

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