Lycras for surfing and swimming (UV protection)

The sun is out! There’s no question of putting on a wetsuit when it’s too hot – you risk tiring yourself out too quickly! That’s where we come in. Our lycra T-shirts are made from recycled nylon and eslasthan. The soft, stretchy fabric moulds perfectly to the shape of the body, offering great freedom of movement. This feature is particularly appreciated by surfers and swimmers who need a wide range of movement to enjoy their sport.

The advantages of lycra t-shirts for surfing

UV protection

Lycra provides excellent sun protection. With a high UPF rating that blocks up to 99% of harmful UV rays, they act as a barrier between your skin and the sun. No need to constantly slather on sun cream! Especially as, once in the water, it tends to come off quickly. You can enjoy your surf sessions for hours without the risk of sunburn or damaging the seabed.


Lycra reduces irritation caused by the board rubbing against the skin. Its soft, elastic fabric acts like a second skin. No more irritation and redness on the stomach and chest after a long session!

Other benefits

Lycra T-shirts are also popular for their lightness and flexibility. Thanks to their stretch fabric, they follow the body’s movements without restricting mobility. You can paddle, catch waves and carry out your manoeuvres in complete freedom.

Thermal protection is another significant advantage. Lycra traps a thin layer of water between the fabric and the skin, which warms on contact with the body. This ‘second skin’ sensation insulates you from the wind and cold to keep your body temperature stable.

Finally, Lycra T-shirts dry very quickly once out of the water. Lycra doesn’t retain moisture like cotton, so it’s easy to wring out and air-dry in just a few minutes. You won’t have to sit in a soaking wet rashguard waiting for your next session.

Don’t forget that lycra isn’t just for surfers! Paddleboarders, kayakers and swimmers can also benefit from its many advantages. So the next time you head to the beach, make sure you pack your lycra for a comfortable, carefree water experience.

Yes, it’s often even better because it doesn’t fade over time. You can wear the T-shirt for several hours at a time without the protection fading.
No, not at all! The result is exactly the same, but with a very high proportion of recycled materials, as on most of our products.
We do not recommend machine washing lycras. Ideally, rinsing with soap is enough, especially as the material dries quickly.

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