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A list of all the accessories you need for surfing!

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Many surfers love surfing for its simplicity and low cost: a board, a wetsuit and off you go! But in reality, many accessories exist to improve the comfort and quality of surfers’ sessions.

After/pre-session accessories

Brands like ours have developed numerous accessories to anticipate and reduce the discomfort experienced by surfing enthusiasts.

Surf ponchos

Ponchos have almost revolutionised the world of surfing. While they didn’t exist at the beginning of the century, they are now essential for every surfer. They allow you to change in peace and warmth without the risk of being exposed to the glare of passers-by.

Car seat covers

Salt water from the sea and ocean leaves nasty white marks on car seats that are difficult to remove. There’s nothing like a seat cover for your after-session!

Waterproof bags / diaper bags

There are two types of waterproof bags:

  • rucksacks, which are ideal for carrying a wet suit on a bike or motorbike, for example.
  • Bucket-shaped bags for storing wet items without damaging your car, for example. And yes, where were you going to put your suit to get home?! If you’re interested, we’ve got the best on the market!

Sand brushes

It may sound silly, but having the right brush to remove sand from your feet or board before you get in the car is a real must-have! It’s something you realise once you’ve got it.

Changing mats

A popular product in northern countries, the changing mat is a simple accessory used to protect your feet. If you already have a diaper bag, you don’t need one!

Storm mat from all-in on the tarmac after surfing

Combination belts

To avoid damaging your wetsuit, store it in such a way as not to put pressure on the neoprene in tight areas. You can either lay it flat or on a stand, or use a dedicated suit belt.

Accessories for surfers


Do we really need to talk about combinations? They are there to regulate the surfer’s temperature in the water so they don’t get cold. They come in all sizes and thicknesses!

Made-to-measure neoprene wetsuit

Surf tees and lycras

Is it summer or are you in a heavenly destination where the sun reigns supreme? Forget the wetsuit, you’ll be too hot! Surf tees and lycras are perfect for protecting against UV rays and chafing. Surf tees are improved T-shirts, while lycras are technical garments that can only be worn in the water.

The Salty Belt

An invention patented by our teams! The Salty Belt is a simple surfing accessory consisting of a neoprene belt that slips on and contains a plastic pocket for keys, a phone or any other object that needs protecting.


The plugs may seem cumbersome at first. But experienced surfers know that they become indispensable after a while. Surfers often suffer from ear problems. If you only surf for a few weeks a year, they’re not necessarily recommended!

Key boxes

When you’re surfing, you might wonder where to put your keys. The old-fashioned technique is to hide the keys under your car. But thefts soon put a stop to this practice, in favour of key boxes. They are safe, but not without faults. The ideal solution is the Salty Belt presented above.

Surf helmets

Helmets are a hot topic of debate in the surfing world. Recently, professional surfer Kai Lenny was saved by his helmet. Without it, he would no longer be with us. Helmets are recommended and are gradually making their appearance on our waves. The probability of catching your board in a fall is low, but never zero.

Surf hats

A good way to avoid slathering sun cream on your face is to use a surf hat. They protect the face and neck. If you plan to surf for more than an hour, it’s an excellent investment.

Sun creams

No hat to hand? So don’t forget your sun cream. It’s better to be white and sweaty than to have sunburn all over your face as soon as the sun comes out.

Blonde surfer with sun cream

Surfboard accessories


Leashes are used to attach the surfboard to the surfer. They are designed to be tough. Different sizes are available depending on the size of the waves to be caught.

Right foot surf leash

The drifts

Without them, it’s impossible to make a trajectory! As on a boat, a centreboard allows you to hold on to the water to steer. They come in all styles and sizes. Soft daggerboards are ideal for beginners and rigid daggerboards for experienced surfers.


No wax = guaranteed slipping. It’s there to keep your feet where they should be when you’re riding a wave. Make sure you use the right wax for the temperature of the water at the time.

Board covers and socks

Finally, surf bags and socks ensure that your equipment is transported without damage. It’s a not inconsiderable safety feature when you consider how fragile the boards are. What’s more, repairs can quickly add up!

So surfing isn’t just about boards and waves after all… Everyone equips themselves as they wish, but there are plenty of accessories to make life easier.

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