SALTY BELT : eco-friendly, waterproof belt for surfers!

Have you ever dreamed of a waterproof pouch that allows you to carry your phone or keys in the water? We do. So we created it … Discover our SALTY BELT, the first waterproof sports belt specially designed for watermen!

Birth of the Salty Belt in 2019: first waterproof surf belt

Jean-Baptiste Caste created the ALL-IN brand to make life easier for water sports enthusiasts, of which he is a part. And JB, surfer and former windsurfing professional, has a recurring problem … What to do with car keys and cell phone during a session? Hiding the keys on the car wheel? Not very secure and a bit stressful! Leave your smartphone at home? Too bad if there is an emergency or a nice photo to take…

If you too are surfing, windsurfing, kitesurfing, wakeboarding, stand up paddle or even swimmers on the open sea, you are bound to face this recurring and disabling problem.

And then one Christmas day, while JB is skiing with friends, he sees one of them removing his wallet, hidden under his jacket thanks to a shoulder strap case which also contains his smartphone, his keys, his papers etc … JB is inspired and begins to imagine the pocket belt SALTY BELT ALL-IN which will surprise you with its many advantages.

Take your keys and your smartphone into the water: it’s possible!

For more than 6 months, JB has been developing and testing this new 100% waterproof sports bag. The belt is put to the test in different sports: surfing and windsurfing of course, but also kitesurfing, wakeboarding, stand up paddle, swimming and even cycling, in the rain … And it is a success: the belt responds perfectly to the problems of athletes while being perfectly comfortable. Positioned at hip level with its patch pocket, this belt does not cause any discomfort in the practice of aquatic or outdoor sports (ideal for running for example) and offers a feeling of optimal freedom!

This means it is now possible to take your electronic keys with you when you go in the water. Concretely, how does it work? The SALTY BELT is the equivalent of a running belt : adjustable with a Velcro, to be positioned around your waist, and with an integrated pocket perfectly suited for storing the waterproof smartphone case supplied with the belt. You can’t lose this waterproof cover: it’s attached to the inside of the belt with an elastic loop for maximum safety. You just have to put it on your hips, over your wetsuit or under your boardshort, and go for a session in the water or outdoors whatever the weather. / p>

Have you imagined what you will be able to do with this waterproof belt? Take your mobile phone safely to go surfing: take pictures offshore, video calls to share the view of the sea, contact the emergency services in the event of a problem (a windsurfer who breaks his sail for example or a kiteboarder in difficulty ) by specifying its GPS position… And for your running, trekking, hiking, etc. sessions, your mobile phone will be perfectly protected from moisture in its airtight bag.

Did you know that the SALTY BELT offers you a feeling of optimal comfort? Because it is made from an amazing material …

YULEX ™, natural rubber

We are proud to tell you that the SALTY BELT is a belt made of natural rubber, the Yulex TM. An alternative to synthetic neoprene that is too harmful to our environment (non-renewable material, energy-consuming manufacturing, etc.). Stronger and more extensible than conventional neoprene, natural rubber is used in the manufacture of demanding products such as airplane tires or medical gloves. It therefore meets our quality requirements while respecting our planet: we take care to source from FSC certified sources by the Rainforest Alliance (fight against deforestation and preservation of biodiversity and sustainability).

A patented innovation, Eco Friendly and Made in France

The SALTY BELT waterproof belt is an innovation that was patented in France and worldwide at the INPI in 2019. A real pride for our young French company. The SALTY BELT ALL-IN is produced entirely in France and by hand, in Hossegor in the Landes, directly in the ALL-IN workshop. The proof in pictures :). We are particularly happy to have managed to create a product useful, practical, respectful of nature and made in France!

The SALTY BELT was launched in July 2019 in our network of surfshops then throughout Europe. The success was immediate with surfers and kitesurfers, and we were also pleasantly surprised to see its use extended to other sports: swimming and outdoor sports such as running, climbing, mountain biking, hiking… All practitioners appreciate its lightness, its solidity and of course its comfort, ALL-IN know-how since the first day!

Currently on our e-shop, the waterproof case for your smartphone (suitable for iPhones), perfectly suited for the pocket of our belt, is offered with the purchase of your SALTY BELT! Visit our special page dedicated to SALTY BELT to know all its characteristics.

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