ALL-IN: surfing, fun, ponchos.

Surfing poncho, bathing poncho, winter or waterproof poncho, for men, women or kids… Everything is possible for ALL-IN!

Discover the story of our ponchos ALL-IN told by the one who knows it best:
 Jean-Baptiste Caste, its founder.

The start of the “new generation” surfing ponchos

In 2011, I noticed that surfing ponchos on the market were of poor quality and were available in black colour only. You couldn’t find any thick and warm adult poncho, or any designed for women, and long-sleeved ones were hard to find!

My idea was to create ponchos that had a better quality, more colours and more shapes.

With a business degree, and after an internship at Rip Curl Europe, I started the ALL-IN adventure in 2012. My small French brand soon started to create innovative, colourful and quality surfing ponchos that could compete with the ones made by big surfwear companies. The brand ALL-IN, specialised in surfing ponchos, was launched.

A surfing poncho, what for?

Whether you go surfing, kitesurfing, to the pool, the beach, the sauna, swimming or bathing… whether you’re an adult or a kid, you’ll need one of our changing ponchos. Personally, when I go surfing, I can’t do without my terry poncho! Here’s why…

When you do a water sport, you know that there are 2 difficult times: when you have to undress discreetly before going surfing (as you’re often on a car park among other people), and also when you have to take off your wetsuit without getting too cold once the session is over…

I tried to undress with a beach towel, and I found it not practical at all:

  • It falls if it’s too small
  • It drags on the floor if it’s too long
  • It doesn’t cover the upper part of your body so it’s not warm, and not suited for girls
  • It is not use solely for changing clothes, so it’s not hygienic if the towel has been used before, on the beach for example.

The bathing poncho, presents a lot of advantages: made in a super absorbing terry fabric, it becomes dry quickly and stays soft and warm (for even more comfort in winter, you can choose the long sleeved models). Easy to use, it helps you to get dressed discreetly and conveniently after a session of surfing, windsurfing, wakeboarding, swimming, diving… or any other! With or without any sleeves, its unique shape will keep your arms free to move. Once you are dressed, you can also place your wet clothes inside: bikini, wetsuit, swimsuit… It absorbs humidity perfectly.

Surfers often go home wearing their poncho directly on top of their wetsuit before going straight under the shower.

Other sports have also adopted the changing poncho: kitesurfing, triathlon, mountain bike, and even skiing and snowboarding: we all need some comfort and warmth after training hard!

I gradually realized that the surfing poncho could also be used at home. No more bathrobes, use a poncho instead! After a nice shower, a bath in a sauna, in a swimming pool, or in a jacuzzi, put on your poncho and chill out comfortably and with style! Adults love it… and kids too!

At the beach or at the pool, getting dry has become fun and your kids can learn autonomy. We also love the beach poncho that allows you to put on your swimsuit easily, even on a crowded beach.

In a word, a poncho is like a portable changing cabin, it’s warm and comfortable, all this with style!

Now, imagine a waterproof poncho… that allows you to stay under the rain without getting wet. This is what our STORM Poncho does! 100% waterproof, it’s perfect in many situations: to stay on the beach when it rains and you want to watch the kids surfing, to wait during a surfing or windsurfing event, on a diving or wakeboarding boat, and for all your outdoor activities. An innovation that the ALL-IN team proudly promotes. And guess what? it is also available  in child size!

What fabrics for the ponchos?

At ALL-IN, we only use 3 different fabric for our ponchos: 100% cotton (velvet terry and honeycomb weaving cotton: absorption, warmth, comfort), bamboo (natural and eco-responsible fabric for the Organic range) and Ripstop recycled nylon (durable and breathable fabric) for the waterproof models.

Contrary to our competitors, we have refused to use polyester in the fabric composition of our ponchos, and we have chosen more natural and ecological components, even for printed ponchos, which is not usually the case.

We have even gone further: our cotton is high quality (280g sqm for the honeycomb one and 380g sqm for the terry one), and it is
 certified with the label OEKO-TEX (no chemical that is harmful for the skin and the body) and AZO free (no heavy metal used for dyeing). . Our ORGANIC ponchos are made in 500g sqm Bamboo terry.

Our ponchos’ plus

We did not stop there: to help you find the ideal poncho, all our models have side pockets and a hood with a tightening cord to get protected from the wind, the cold, and get your hair dry.

We also offer cuts that are designed to suits your needs and adapt to all body shapes for men, women, teens and children from 3 years old.

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Men, women, or kids : what size shall I choose for my bathing poncho?

For adult or kid, choose your poncho according to your size. The size chart below will help you decide!

Then, there are several designs to choose from: short-sleeved, long-sleeved, ou V-shaped, XXL size, hooded sweater designed… Most of our models are unisex, and we also have a kids range (kids ponchos from 3 to 6 years old, and junior ponchos from 6 years old).  Discover them here!

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Colourful ponchos that suit your needs!

  • Looking for a poncho that can give you protection from the rain and the cold? => Choose for the STROM PONCHO, it’s waterproof on the outside and warm and soft on the inside. Adult sizes ou kid sizes !
  • Looking for a light poncho to travel or to wear in summer? => We have designed the Light Waffle Poncho exactly for that purpose!
  • You want more space inside the poncho to undress more easily? => The V poncho is the one you need
  • You need a simple and practical poncho ? => our CLASSIC Poncho range is perfect for you.
  • For women who need some privacy around the sleeves and a size that fits them => we don’t only care about men and we have designed the T Poncho especially for women.
  • We know you sometimes pinch your boyfriend’s sweater to chill out at home => Treat yourself with the BOYFRIEND Poncho to hang out on your couch after a shower! It’s much more comfortable than a bathrobe… It’s also perfect to go to the beach in your bikini.
  • You look for a kids’ poncho? => The Junior Ponchos are for 7 to 15-year-olds and  the Kids Ponchos  (with little bear’s ears on the hood) will be best suited for 3 to 6 year-olds. No more bathrobes or towels!

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